Event Summary

There’s honor in each of us being light bearers to another, especially to the ones who might be struggling to find a reason to live. As Christians, we’re meant to bear the light of God’s love to others. As we learn to flow in partnership with God’s Spirit, we can gain a better realization of how every interaction with another person can become life-giving bridge of hope.
A conversation, phone call, meeting for coffee, an invitation for a walk, a small text, or taking a class together, are just some of the small gestures of significant value. The rewards of building a mutual bridge of connection are great and we all lose when just one youth choose to believe they are powerless to change.

A. Learn how to connect with a variety of youth within your community in practical ways to build value and self-worth.
B. Gain new perspectives through the real story in the video called, “AFTERMATH’ and where you can make a difference in someone’s life.
C. Acquire a broader recognition of patterns of isolation and ways to become a bridge to relationships through building trust and worthiness.
D. Engage in developing active listening skills and when to recommend resources to ensure safe outcomes.

About the Author
Molly McNamara is the founder and Executive Director of His Whole House and a cofounder of Teaching Fellowship Institute. She holds credentials as an ordained/licensed minister, master-prepared nurse, and trauma practitioner. Molly is trained as a prayer counselor, business coach, and certified in grief & bereavement. She teaches on advanced trauma concepts taking complex scientific concepts and breaking them down into bite size pieces based on biblical principles.

The mission of His Whole House, is to cultivate “Kingdom Builders” who will restore, reconcile, and raise up individuals, families, and people groups into their God-given design.”