November 28 - December 31

#Area Code Giving Challenge

Give Life to Your Story

How It Works:

-Take a minute to think back to a person who made a huge impact in your life when you were a teenager -Now, try to remember what area code you lived in. -To honor the impact that person made in your life, GIVE A GIFT according to that area code. Ex: area code 281, give a gift of $28.10, or $281, or $2,810. -Once you’ve given your gift, go to your social media accounts and post a story of how that person made a difference in your life and honor them. -BEFORE you post the story, please make sure to tag @YFC Houston so that we can be encouraged by your story and can share your story with others.

Give Life to Your Story

Volunteer/Mentor and Introduce kids to Jesus at pivotal moments

Join our movement of volunteers who are passionate about introducing 11-19 year olds to Jesus. We’re not looking for perfect people or superstars; just those who are willing to listen well, to be themselves, and to be present in a young person’s life. There are volunteer opportunities across the U.S. Fill out our volunteer form to find an opportunity near you.

Building the Kingdom

We partner with the local church and other organizations

A healthy, sustainable youth ministry works to connect young people with other important parts in their community. We partner with pastors, church leaders, non-profits, business owners, clubs, student associations and more — supporting the local church in the mission of the Gospel, and joining arms with like-minded organizations that want to reach and uplift young people. Connect with us to discover how you can be a YFC partner in your community.

Support Through Prayer

We believe in the power of intentional prayer

Come alongside a network of people who faithfully support us in prayer. A strong support system of prayer helps us move with confidence in our mission and blesses the work we do every day.

Join Part Time or Full Time

YFC USA is Hiring!

Join our team of gifted relationship-builders, story-tellers, strategists, planners, doers, and thinkers. Whether you’re called to reach young people or support someone who does, there’s a place for you here. Browse job opportunities nation-wide.

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