Raising Up Godly Men

Posted on by Vince Sarfraz

One of the most effective programs in our Juvenile Justice Ministry at YFC is a disciple-making small group called the Alpha Omega fraternity. This program is growing beyond our imagination. This program is designed for men to teach our teen boys about being a godly man and leader in their families as well as the community. They have deep discussions about respect, integrity, employment, how to treat women, and overcoming the past. They also learn things they may not have ever learned from another man like how to tie a tie, how to give a good handshake, hygiene practices, how to be held accountable, and how to hold others accountable. If a young man wishes to be part of the fraternity, they must submit an application and go through an interview process. In this process, they must show that they are serious about making a lasting change in their life. Other members have a major say in who becomes a member of the fraternity based on their character displayed throughout school and in the unit. The members run the meetings with assistance from adult leaders. This helps them develop leadership and team building skills. Every month they complete a service project benefiting their fellow residents.

Last month the members came up with, planned, and executed a game day as an incentive for good behavior. They set up multiple video-gaming stations, board games, and even provided lunch. An Alpha Omega member was posted at each station to ensure everyone received equal playtime. During lunch they served their fellow residents and even picked up the trash afterwards. Once they are released they continue as members of Alpha Omega and have a brotherhood rather than a single mentor to help them stay on the right path. We know that a servant’s heart is the key to a good leader and we are seeing some very promising leaders emerge from this program.

We have not forgotten our girls. We are excited to announce that we will soon be starting a sorority as well. Please pray for these young leaders to take what they’re learning home with them and make a positive impact in their families, schools and communities!

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