Fourth of July Cookout

Posted on by Kayla Upton

To celebrate the fourth of July we took a group of youth from our aftercare-mentoring group to a beautiful ranch owned by one of our amazing volunteers for the evening. The kids had a wonderful time fishing, cooking over the campfire, eating, playing games and of course, watching fireworks – and so did the volunteers!

One of the young men who attended had been having a very stressful time at home the previous few weeks before the outing and had expressed his reluctance to attend the outing. However, when Barrell pulled up to his house, there he was, sitting outside, ready to go. Still sharing his doubts as to whether he would enjoy the outing, he climbed in the car with the other kids and they headed out. It didn’t take long for him to perk up once they made it to the ranch and began interacting with the men who’d taken time to come celebrate with them and show them how to fish, make a fire, and set off fireworks – safely, of course. 

By the time they left it was apparent that this particular young man was more relaxed and felt more like a kid again - even if for just one day. When the time came for them to leave they were all reluctant to climb back into the car and head home. Even a week later, the young man’s attitude and outlook had continued to be cheered by the time he spent with godly, caring men who took the time to have fun with him. The break from the chaos of his every day life was not just wanted but needed – the chance to just be a kid. Please continue to pray for our kids. We don’t know all they face from day to day. Your prayers, time, and investment in them truly make a lasting impact! 

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